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 IonChron, Inc. Web Site Projects:
FishCan.com 1/1/06
I decided to try and create a best free Xanga Tracker, since the mosts of the ones out now are not that good.
> http://www.fishcan.com
ClubZen.com 2/10/03
A site dedicated to the Asian Nightlife community. Listing the latest Asian parties and events.
> http://www.clubzen.com
IonChen.com 3/10/01
A new web site for myself. This time I separated it into three sections: Business, Personal, and Creative Works.
> http://www.ionchen.com
IonChron, Inc.
IonChron, Inc. 2/26/01
Just a very simple site for my company IonChron, Inc. I created it just to have a web presence for my corporation.
> http://www.ionchron.com
6sense.com Applets
6sense.com Applets 2/20/01
A redesign of my 6sense.com Applet web site that sells ID_KEYS for my applets.
> http://www.6sense.com/applets
ArcadePod.com 12/02/00
A total restucture and redesign of ArcadePod.com to include the new data model with membership.
> http://www.ArcadePod.com
6 Sense Web Productions
6 Sense Web Productions 8/15/98
This is the Head-Quarter site of all the web sites designed by me. You can find all the information of the web sites we produced and general web designing information.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/webproduction/
Continental Broker-Dealer Corp.
Continental Broker-Dealer Corp. 8/1/98
This is a web site I made for a Broker-Dealer firm located in New York City containing information about their company and the services they provided. It included online applications for the different types of investment options they provide and offers a description of they various types of investment alternatives you can choose.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/continentalbd/