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 Innovalution Web Site Projects:
Innovalution Software, Inc.
Innovalution Software, Inc. 2/17/00
They need a web site for their own company, so I did one for them.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/projects/innovalution/
Innovalution Software, Inc.
Innovalution Software, Inc. 2/17/00
The first version of the site with a darker theme.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/projects/innovalution_black/
Ematic.Com Web Page Templates
Ematic.Com Web Page Templates 1/28/00
Here is 6 web page templates I made for a web community site Ematic.com. They basicly just wanted a variety of web site themes for their members to choose from for their own web pages.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/projects/ematic/
Quality Copiers
Quality Copiers 12/20/99
This was a quick project where the client only wanted a overall design, not a whole site. So I basic just designed the header for the site and touch up some of his original pages.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/projects/qualitycopiers/
New Vision Youth Services, Inc
New Vision Youth Services, Inc 12/10/99
This site was made for an Asian youth services organization. It's propose is to give an idea of what the organization is about and to provide information so they can get grants.
> http://www.ionchron.com/archive/projects/youthservices/