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Java Showcase: Graphics Demos
Starwars Text Effect
Starwars Text Effect Dec 4, 2001
In a galaxy far away, here we have a applet that display your message in Starwars Fashion.

Snowy Slide Show
Snowy Slide Show Nov 26, 2001
Here's a nice christmas applet. Display your images under the gentle flow of falling snow.

Thmubnail Slide Show
Thmubnail Slide Show Oct 27, 2001
Display all your images in a thumbnail image configurable to any size allowing the viewer to choose which image he/she would like view.

Burning Slide Show
Burning Slide Show Oct 27, 2001
Here is an slide show which transitions from one picture to another by burning or melting away the current picture and slowly fades to the next picture. Just a special effect similar to the flame.

Pushy Slide Show
Pushy Slide Show Oct 27, 2001
This slide show switches from one image to another by pushing the current image our of the way in alternation directions.

Snow Drift
Snow Drift Nov 11, 2000
Watch the calm winter snow fall peacefully over your own customize image in this cool java applet.

Star Zone
Star Zone Nov 5, 2000
Go into hyper-drive and blast into space in this fast pace graphical applet.

Star Gaze
Star Gaze Nov 2, 2000
Watch the stars flow by as you gaze at it's beauty in this fascinating java applet.

Multi-Pic Slide Show
Multi-Pic Slide Show Jan. 8, 1998
This is a photo album applet where pictures scroll across the screen at random speeds and random times.

Flames July 22, 1997
Here another cool special effects demo of burning flames. This applet is pretty useful because you can change the words you want to burn. Check it out. It's free to download.
Sphere June 19, 1997
Here we have a simple 3d demo of rotating spheres. Click on it to see what happens.


Java Showcase: Games
Huntack v.02b
Huntack v.02b
This next game was started back on 1997 but was never finished. It is still in its beta stage with none of the cool ideas implemented yet. Look forward to the finished production in the future. I will finished working on it as soon as school is finished.

- IoN CHeN 12-6-98
Cobs v1.2
Cobs v1.2 June 18, 1997
This game was my first game made during June 1997. This simple but fun game is based on the classic tetris game. The diffence is the cute little face characters used instead of the plain old blocks. Look forward our a better version of cobs in the near futures where the game will become more complex and fun.