The Chen Family

          My parents were married in the summer of 1974. My sister was born soon after on 1975 and I was born a year later on 1976. That was the beginning of my family.

          The picture above was taken while we still lived in Taiwan. It was during a trip to a scenic mountain in Wu Lan. This information was given to me by my father.

          Sometimes, when I look back on how perfect our family was, it makes me sad that things changed so much. We had a perfect nuclear family until my sister and I both finished high school. She left to go live in Taiwan right after High School, and a year later I went away for college at Stony Brook. All seem normal until my parents got divorced. At the time, it didn't affect my sister and I too much because we were pretty much grown up and she being in Taiwan and myself in college also soften the impact. But looking back now, it must have been a hard time for my mother. I wish I could have been there for her more.

          They have both went their separate ways. I live with my father and my sister returned from Taiwan and is also living with us. My mother remarried and lives 10 minutes from my house.

          Today (4.16.01) is actually my mother's birthday. I paid my godsis to make a bouquet of 24 paper flowers. I personally don't like real flowers because they die so I thought giving her something that last would be nice.

          Well, that's all for now. I'll update this some other day.

Ion Chen 4.16.01